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Wilson Creek National Battlefield VI

Tour Stop 7 "Bloody Hill"--Continue walking down the trail and to your left you will see the gun positions of Totten's "2nd US Artillery, Battery F" Battery, which commanded the field on the day of the battle.



Lyon Monument

Tour Stop 7 "Bloody Hill"--Continue down the trail from the Sinkhole, you will walk through the treeline till you come out in the open and you will see this view, looking at the Edwards Cabin, from the treeline. (This to me, is probably the best view that gave me a clear reference to the Battle as there are alot of trees in the Park and tend to hinder views of the different positions.)

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Tour Stop 7 "Bloody Hill"--After leaving the Totten Battery, go up the trail and go right at the fork. On the right hand side you will see the Sinkhole, where 30 Union soldiers were buried in haste, later they were reburied at "Springfield National Cemetery."




Tour Stop 8 "Union Advance and Withdrawal"--From this view looking east, in this field is the area where General Lyons troops advanced about 5:00 A.M. on May 10, 1861. Also this is the positionthat the Union troops withdrew back to Springfield through. The Ray house is visible in the distance, but a good set of binoculars are advised.


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