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Wilson Creek National Battlefield IV



Tour Stop 5 "Sigel's Final Position"--Another view of the Guns posted at Backof's Battery position.




Tour Stop 5 "Sigel's Final Position"--This view is from the top of the Road at the Sharp Woods. At the bottom of the road to the right is the Backof Battery site.


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Tour Stop 5 "Sigel's Final Position"--From this position of the Wire road, the 3rd Missouri Infantry watched as they were confronted by McCulloch's grey-clad troops. The Union troops thought they were Lyons troops of the 1st Iowa, who wore Gray also. They held their fire and were met with the full brunt of the southern muskets. The Union troops routed and retreated to Springfield up this road and were no longer a factor in the battle.


Tour Stop 5 "Sigel's Final Position"--This view is of the Old Wire Road in the Sharp Woods.

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