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Assault on the Confederate defense line, May 22nd

The Union Army, under command of Maj. Gen U. S. Grant was composed of three divisions of the 13th, the 15th and the 17th Corps.  The Confederates Army, under command of Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, was composed of Stevensonís, Forneyís, Smithís and Bowenís Divisions, and Waulís Texas Legion.   The two armies were in position on their respective lines as on May 19th, except that Waulís Texas Legion had been assigned a position in rear of the left of Leeís brigade on the left of Stevensonís Division.   After a heavy cannonade by every gun in position on the Union line, assaultís were made at 10 a.m. by the 15th corpís at the Stockade Redan, on the Graveyard Road; by the 17th Corpís on the right and left of the Jackson Road; by the 13th Corpís at the Lunette on the Baldwinís Ferry Road, the Railroad Redoubt, and the curtain between that redoubt and Fort Garrott; Hallís Brigade of McArthurís Division, 17th Corpís, advanced closed to the Confederate line on the Warrenton Road, but did not assault: the colors of the leading regiments were carried close to the confederate works at every point assaulted.   A Brigade Headquartersí flag was placed on the parapet of the Stockade Redan, flags were placed on the parapet of the Railroad Redoubt and that work was temporarily occupied.  But no permanent lodgment was anywhere made.  Assaultís were made in the afternoon; by the 17th Corpís at the curtain between the Railroad Redoubt and the lunette at the Baldwinís Ferry Road.   At that lunette, at the Jackson Road, and at the curtain north of Glassí Bayou; and by the 15th Corpís at the curtain south of the Graveyard Road, at the Stockade Redan at that road, and at a point about one-third of a mile west of that redan; the colors of the leading regiments were again carried close to the confederate line; another flag was placed on the parapet of the Stockade Redan but the effort to carry the confederate line of defense by assault was unsuccessful at every point.


Union: killed 502, wounded 2550, missing 147, total 3199, sixty eight officers killed or mortally wounded

Confederate; not fully reported


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