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Vicksburg National Military Park VI


Here was one of the major Confederate fortifications guarding the Jackson Road approach to Vicksburg. Concluding that the fort was impregnable to direct assault, General Grant ordered his troops to dig mines under the work and blow it up. The first mine was detonated on June 25; the second on July 1. Neither succeeded in breaking the Confederate line.

(From the VNMP Tour Guide)


View of the Old Jackson Road from near the Illinois Monument

Although this view is comparative to the next photo,  there is a path at the left side of the parking lot that leads to the Union Wooden Mortar position. – March 2004

In this view of the Jackson Road, the Monument of Andrew Hickenlooper is in the middle of the shot.  The 3rd Louisiana Redan is at the cut in the old Jackson road with the Louisiana Monument in the background. – July 2000

This is a view of the Monument to the battery of Wooden Mortars – March 2004 -  it reads “Three wooden mortars banded with iron, one 6-pounder and two 12-pounders, were served here July 1-3, 1863, against the Confederate Third Louisiana Redan and the small work at its Confederate right”

This view is of the Old Jackson Road cutting into the 3rd Louisiana Redan – July 2000 – Near the redan is the sign that reads Following Grant's order of May 26 to reduce Vicksburg by siege, Union forces began constructing an approach trench to the 3rd Louisiana Redan on the hill before you. On June 25, after tunneling beneath the fort, the Yankees exploded a charge of 2,200 pounds of powder under the Rebels. Union forces entered the resulting crater but failed to break through the reinforced Confederate position behind it, and finally fell back. A second mine was exploded in the same area on July 1, but no assault was made.”




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