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Vicksburg National Military Park III


From this position a battery of guns, including those from the 8th Michigan Artillery commanded by Capt. Samuel DeGolyer, hammered the Confederate Great Redoubt directly ahead. At one time as many as 22 Federal artillery pieces were mounted here. Captain DeGolyer was mortally wounded while directing the fire of this battery.


(From the site marker at the Battery Position)


Approaching the Michigan Monument at Battery DeGolyer - March 2004

The Michigan Monument – July 2000

Yost's Independent Ohio Battery - July 2000 - 3rd Div,; 17th Corps; Army of the Tennessee, Capt. T. D. Yost, The battery was company F, 32nd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Prior to the Battle of Champion’s Hill, May 16, two 12-pounder guns and 4 3-inch rifles were captured in that battle and were turned over to it.  One section served two 3-inch rifles in this position, White House Battery, from about Mar 26 to the end of the Siege July 4, 1863.  Except that about June 29, the two 12-pounder guns were moved to and served in an advanced battery on the Jackson Road.(from a plaque at Vicksburg National Military Park)

US. 3rd Div. 17th Corps  Army of the Tennessee.  8th Battery  Michigan Light Artillery. Captain Samuel DeGolyer. Lt. Theodore W. Lockwood - The battery served two 12-pounder howitzers and four James rifles in this position from about May 25, to the end of the siege July 4, 1863, except that one 12-pounder howitzer, under Lieut. M.D. Elliot, was carried to the front almost daily from about June 20, and served in a position about 100 yards from Confederate 3rd Louisiana Redan. For a day or two prior to May 25, a detachment of the battery, under Captain DeGolyer, served some of its pieces in a position close to the Confederate line, and near the Jackson Road. Battery fired 2409 rounds of ammunition during the siege. Aggregate reported casualties in battery, during the campaign and siege: Killed 1, wounded 7, total 8; Captain Samuel DeGolyer mortally wounded May 28

Left side of the battery - March 2004

8th Michigan Artillery Battery - March 2004


Artillery Piece facing "The Great ReDoubt"

U.S. Battery L, 2d Illinois Light Artillery: 3d Div.: 17th Corps: Army of the Tennessee. Capt. William H. Bolton. The battery served four James rifles in this position from about May 25 to the end of the siege, July 4, 1863, except that after about June 15, one rifle in charge of a daily detail including one officer, was served in an advanced position on the line of rifle pits of Logan's Division and at the left of the Jackson Road, against the Confederate mortar in rear of the left of Moore's Brigade. A covered way was constructed from this advanced position to the ravine in its rear. The battery fired 2368 rounds of ammunition during the siege




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