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Army of the Tennessee

Major General Ulysses S. Grant

Escorts and Guards

4th Illinois Cavalry, Company A, Capt. Embury D. Osband

101st Illinois Infantry, Company K, Capt. Sylvester L. Moore



1st Battalion Engineer Company of the West:

Major Henry Flad

          Major W.M. Tweeddale

Pioneer Corps Co. I, 35th Missouri Infantry,

Lieut. Christian Lochbihler


9th Corps, Maj. Gen. John C. Parke

13th Corps, Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand

               Maj. Gen. Edward O.C. Ord

15th Corps, Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman

16th Corps, (Detachment) Maj. Gen. Cadwallader C. Washburn

17th Corps, Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson

Herronís Division, Maj. Gen. Francis J. Herron

Unattached Cavalry (Three Regiments) Col. Cyrus Bussey

District Northeast Louisiana: Brig. Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan

                                       Brig. Gen. Elias S. Dennis


                     Detached for Service on U.S. Gunboats:
                               29th Illinois Infantry (Detachment)

                        101st Illinois Infantry (Detachment)

                   58th Ohio Infantry, Maj. Ezra P. Jackson


        The 13th, 15th and 17th Corps were engaged in the battles and movements of the Vicksburg Campaign beginning March 29, 1863.  Took position on the investment line May 19th Ė The 15th on the right, the 17th in the center, the 13th on the left and made unsuccessful assaults on the confederate line of defense, the afternoon of May 19th and on May 22nd.   One Division of the 16th Corps took position on the left of the 13th, and Herronís Division on the extreme left on June 15th.  The 9th Corps, Two Divisions of the 16th and seven brigades from the other corps were deployed on the exterior line.  From Haynesí Bluff on the left to Big Black River bridge on the right, to guard against attack from Johnstonís army and were under command of Gen. Sherman after June 22nd.  Siege operations were carried on from May 23rd to July 3rd, when a proposal for capitulation came to Gen. Grant from Gen. Pemberton.  They met for conference that afternoon between the lines and near the Jackson Road.  The terms for capitulation were agreed upon by correspondence after the meeting and July 4th the Confederate Army of Vicksburg was surrendered to Gen. Grant and a detachment of his army occupied the city.  The Aggregate reported casualties in the army during the campaign and siege were, Killed 1581, Wounded 7654, Missing 1007, Total 10,142.


                                        (From plaque at Vicksburg National Military Park)

Page I

Visitorís Center at Vicksburg National Military Park

Page II

Vicksburg Entrance up to
the 6th and 12th Wisconsin Batteries

Page III

Battery DeGolyer
 Tour Stop 1

Page IV

The Shirley House and the Illinois Memorial,
Tour Stop 2

Page V

Battery Hickenlooper & Loganís approach to
the 3rd Louisiana Redan

Page VI

Approach to 3rd Louisiana Redan,
Tour Stop 3

Page VII

The Wisconsin Memorial east of Ransomís Gun Path, Tour Stop 4


Attack on the Stockade Redan,
Tour Stop 5

Page IX

Monuments approaching Grant Circle

Page X

Thayers Approach,
Tour Stop 6

Page XI

Battery Selfridge and the Navy Monument
Tour Stop 7


Hovey's Approach
Tour Stop 15

Vicksburg Main Page



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