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C. S. Army of Vicksburg

Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton

Stevenson’s Division: Maj. General C. L. Stevenson

Maury’s-Forney’s Division: Maj. Gen. Dabney H. Maury;

   Maj. Gen. John H. Forney

Smith’s Division: Maj. Gen. M. L. Smith

Forney’s-Bowen’s Division: Maj. Gen. John H. Forney

                                             Maj. Gen. John S. Bowen

Waul’s Texas Legion: Col. T. N. Waul

River Batteries: Col. Ed Higgins

(Miscellaneous One Detachment and Two Companies


         The army was engaged in the battles and movements of the Vicksburg Campaign beginning March 29, 1863, and began taking position on the line of defense, May 18-Stevenson’s Division on the right, Forney’s in the center, and Smith’s on the left.  Bowen’s Division and Waul’s Texas Legion in reserve.  The assaults of the Union Army of May 19th and may 22nd were repulsed.  The siege operations of that army were successfully opposed from May 23rd to July 3rd.  When a proposal for capitulation was sent from Gen. Pemberton to Gen. Grant, they met for a conference that afternoon, between the lines and near the Jackson Road.  The terms of capitulation were agreed upon by correspondence after the meeting, and July 4th, the army was surrendered to Gen. Grant.  The Aggregate reported casualties in the army during the campaign and defense were, killed 1302, wounded 3488, and missing 3448, total 8236.


                           (From plaque at Vicksburg National Military Park)

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Fort Hill
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The Stockade Redan
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The Great Redoubt and the Surrender Site

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Pemberton Circle to the Second Texas Lunette
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The Railroad Redoubt
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The Square Fort (Fort Garrott)
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