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  • William Winter's--The Civil War in St. Louis: (A Guided Tour)

The City of Saint Louis is located along the Mississippi River in the State of Missouri. In 1861, it was a thriving metropolitan city, which was one of the major tranportation centers along the River. It shipped goods as far north as the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota and all the way to the Southern city of New Orleans, Louisianna. Being that the River was the key to movement into the Deep-South, the river was a vital highway to secure during the war. During the Spring of 1861 when the War was in its infancy, the first hostilities along the river happened in St. Louis. This is one reason St. Louis should not be forgotten when it comes to the study of the war. The city of Carondolet, between Jefferson Barracks and St. Louis was one of the ports that James B. Eads introduced the first City-Class Gunboats to occupy the river and wreck havoc all along the southern river Towns. And once the Union took these towns, they were able to towns in the heart of the south. Also the city was a major Military center with the Training and Supply fort at Jefferson Barracks, which trained many Civil War Generals and troops and sent troops west to the frontier forts to guard against the Indians.


The city at the time of the Civil War in 1861, was torn by the legally elected Governor of Missouri "Claiborne Fox Jackson's"Pro Southern Government and the Military Authority under General Harney and a young ambitious Captain named "Nathaniel Lyon." Lyon defying Federal law,proceeded to unite the Union Regiments of mostly German Imigrants (Dedicated to serving their new country and called "The Dutch" by the Southerners) and secure the United States Arsenal at St. Louis. On May 10, 1861 this developed into "The Camp Jackson Affair" where Lyon imprisoned the Missouri State Guard troops under General Daniel Frost. The Missouri Militia, after being paroled and sworn to an oath left St. Louis and Proceeded to the Capital city of Jeffersson City, Missouri. This started four of the Bloodiest years in St. Louis and Missouri History.



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