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Springfield National  Cemetery I
S pringfield National Cemetery was established in 1867 as a burial site for the men who died at the battle of Wilson Creek on August 10th 1861 and subsequent battles in and around southwest Missouri including Pea Ridge and the Battle of Springfield. In 1874, a limestone wall was erected, and that portion constitutes the older part of the cemetery. A separate cemetery surrounded by a stone wall was also dedicated in 1870 as the Confederate cemetery and was united in 1911. Of the noted burials, there are five Medal of Honor recipients buried in the cemetery. Also there are Monuments to Major General Sterling Price, General Nathaniel Lyon, Col. RH Weightman, the Union army at the Battle of Springfield, and various other monuments to the veterans of this country. Since 1861, veterans of all the Armed Forces of the United States of America have been buried in this hallowed ground.

Springfield National Cemetery, entrance gate facing south.




Springfield National Cemetery, facing north at the right side of the circle.

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Springfield National Cemetery, entrance at a closer view.


Springfield National Cemetery, farther to the left of the preceding picture.

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