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U nder the 34-star Banner of the Union, thousands of men left their fields,shops and offices to stop the Secessionists from making the Union into two countries. Many died on its fields and left the blood of their youth on these fields.

The war turned families, neighbors and friends against each other with grave consequences. From the smallest skirmishes to the larger battles.

In 1854 the Kansans under contol of Abolishnist's attacked Missouri homes to stop the development of the Slave trade in Kansas, Missouri retaliated by making raids into Kansas which was a terrible war called "Bleeding Kansas."Under this flag in 1861 the Missouri State Guard went to war Against the Federal Government to stop the Union and some just to protect their homes from raiding Union bands bent on looting all in the name of the Union.


The war in Missouri was very brutal largley to the fact that the Union was constantly fighting the population, because they didn't know who was aligned to the Union and who was pro-secessionist. Even to this day, there are no true numbers to the majority of the populace's belief. It was so bad in the western Counties that General Thomas Ewing created General Order No. 11 (which required removal of all families in some Counties.) This was done to keep the guerillas from gaining support from the population. Making anyone who was in the counties after the deadline, to be considered a hostile and thereby subject to Union retaliation. This was the climate that later created outlaw heroes of our culture including the James's and the Youngers. Although most battles in Missouri were no more than small skirmishes, they were as hard fought as any in the east. These were fought in the towns and fields of places,such as Kirksville,Carthage,Athens,Greenville,and many other small towns in the State.

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