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Jefferson Barracks Historic Park III


The Old Ordnance Room--As you get back on the Main road you will come to the Old Ordnance Room which will be on your left.

Aerial View



Powder Magazine Museum Sign--July 2002--The Original 1827 Stone Marker was located beside the parade ground Flag Staff. The Stacked rifles were used to designate the Infantry. This marker was recently excavated at the park.

(Narrative courtesy of Jefferson Barracks Historic Park, plaque in Museum)

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The Old Ordnance Room--It is the first of the powder magazines built at Jefferson Barracks in 1851, it is now used for special exhibitions relating to the military history of the park.

(Narrative courtesy Jefferson Barracks Historic Park.



Original Civil War Post Commanders--
1860--Brigadier General W. S. Harney
1862--Surgeon Major J. F. Randolph




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