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Civil War Internet Links

I do believe that to have inspriration you must have something to inspire you, and I believe you might find some inspiration as I have, with these links to be some of the best sites I know of concerning the Civil War.


Civil War Artwork

Civil War Indexes

Civil War Games

Civil War Maps

Civil War Music

Civil War Officers

Civil War Round Tables

Civil War Virtual Tours

Civil War Misc

State Sites

Civil War Arkansas

Civil War Maryland



Civil War Minnesota



Civil War Mississippi

Champion's Hill

Grand Gulf

Port Gibson


Rocky Springs



Windsor Ruins


Civil War Missouri

Jefferson Barracks

Pilot Knob

Springfield National Cemetery

St. Louis

Wilson Creek


Civil War Wisconsin

Iron Brigade


Unrelated Fun Sites

Recommended Reading
  • Peter Cozzens - This Terrible Sound
  • Robert G Tanner - Stonewall in the Valley
  • Shelby Foote - The Civil War: A Narrative, Vols. I, II, and III
  • Vorin E. Whan - Fiasco at Fredericksburg
  • William C. Davis - Battle at Bull Run
  • William Winter's - The Civil War in St. Louis: A Guided Tour


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