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The Old Rodney Road



Northward March on the Rodney Road

Night March on the road

During the night march on the Rodney Road on April 30th 1863, an Illinois sergeant noted that “ the moon is shining above us and the road is romantic in the extreme” He also admitted that the geography of the narrow valleys and steep hills presented the Rebels with a grand opportunity for defense. “ If they had but known our purpose”
view facing north

Y Intersection

In this view taken in March 2004, you can see the Y intersection of the Rodney Road and the Bruinsburg Road which caused much problems for the Confederates. In able for the Confederates under command of General Martin at Magnolia church to reinforce General Tracy's brigades on the Bruinsburg Road and vice versa, they had to move their troops back to the Y several miles and to move forward to support each other. Due to the Ravines and dense undergrowth between the roads. The Federals had a Plantation road running from the A. K. Shaifer House to the Bruinsburg Road, giving them better movement of troops



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