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The Old Rodney Presbyterian Church


Chartered in January 28th 1828, as the Presbyterian Church of Petit Gulf.  Shelled by the Gunboat “Rattler” when Federal sailors were captured by Confederate Cavalry while attending Sunday services, September 13th, 1863


(Narrative from a plaque at the Rodney church)

Rodney Presbyterian Church

During the Civil War, On September 13th, 1863, a skirmish occurred at the church.  On that Sunday morning the Union Gunboat “Rattler” had docked at Rodney.   Reverend Baker, a northern sympathizer, who was to preach that day, invited Captain Fentress of the “Rattler” to attend church services.  The captain and eighteen of his crew attended Sunday morning services, but  were captured by a small party of Confederate cavalry.
Front Gate of Church

When word of the of the prisoners reached the “Rattler”,  the gunboat bombard the town and the church.   Lt. Allen, commander of Confederates sent word that if the shelling did not stop, all prisoners would be hanged.   Thus, town and church were spared.   The church building still bears scars from this shelling.

Another View of the church

Rattler shell in building




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