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The Magnolia Church Site

Magnolia Church was in the middle of some of the heaviest fighting of the battle with the center of Brigadier General Martin Greenís Confederate Brigade being posted here.   Union troops under command of Brigadier Generals Carr, Bentonís And Hovey and Colonel Stone fought almost five hours with the determined Confederate forces.  This church, where the Confederates placed their first line of defense, is no longer standing.   Only the brick foundation and the cistern remain.
(Narrative from a plaque at the A. K. Shaifer house)

Federals Storm Confederate Stronghold at Magnolia Church

A night attack by Iowa and Wisconsin soldiers of Gen. E. A. Carr's division on Gen. M. E. Green's Confederates at this point was repulsed. At daybreak May 1, the Federals readied a new thrust. Gen. J. A. McClernand sent Gen. P. J. Osterhaus up the plantation road to the north to engage Gen. E. D. Tracy's Alabama brigade covering the Bruinsburg road, while Carr's soldiers assailed Green's greyclads at Magnolia Church. Covered by the fire of the Union guns near the Shaifer house, Carr's infantry stormed forward. As they advanced to the right and left of this road, they had to beat their way through underbrush-choked hollows. A counterstroke by the 23d Alabama and 6th Mississippi checked the Federals. The arrival of Gen. A. P. Hovey's division from Bruinsburg enabled McClernand to prepare another blow. Spearheaded by the 34th Indiana, the Federals drove ahead. Outnumbered but not outfought, Green's Confederates were driven back, leaving 2 guns, 200 prisoners, and a stand of colors in the Yankees' hands. By 10:30 A. M., the Federals held Magnolia Church ridge.
(Narrative from a plaque at the Magnolia Church Site)

Magnolia Church Entrance on the Rodney Road

Magnolia Church Entrance Road

Magnolia Church Road

View is from the left side of the panorama in the previous picture. Photo taken in March 2004. This road conects to the Rodney Road and in this view is toward the east.
Viewing the Cistern

In this view of the March 2004 trip, you can see Bruce Schulze and his son Micah looking down into the cistern.  The cistern is located on the left side of the side entrance road. It is located on the left side of the second picture on this page. DANGER: Be very careful when walking in this area, espiecially with young ones!
The Cistern




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