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The A. K. Shaifer House

Battle of Port Gibson

Confederate General Martin E. Green, on the afternoon of April 30th, 1863, posted his brigade near Magnolia Church with an outpost at the A. K. Shaifer House.   Shortly after midnight, Green rode forward to check on his pickets.  Reaching the house, the general found Mrs. A. K. Shaifer and the ladies of the house frantically putting their household effects on a wagon.  Green assured the ladies that there was no need to hurry, since the Yankees couldn’t possibly arrive before daybreak.   Hardly had Green spoken before, there was a crash of musketry.   The pickets had exchanged shots with the Union vanguard, the 21st Iowa.   The women leaped into the wagon and headed towards Port Gibson, while General Green returned to Magnolia Church to alert his troops.   The Confederate pickets fell back before the Federal advance.   During the Battle of Port Gibson, the Shaifer house served as General John A. McClernands Headquarters and a Union Hospital.
(Narrative from a plaque at the A. K. Shaifer house)

A. K. Shaifer House

Circa 1840 Greek Revival: This secluded cottage was in the midst of heavy military action in the spring of 1863.   Numerous holes made by minie balls are evident at the rear of the house.   It served for a time as Union Headquarters and as a hospital.   The ground on which the house stands, “The Port Gibson Battlefield” is included in the National Register of Historic Places.
A. K. Shaifer House

In form, the Shaifer House is two rooms wide and one and a half deep.   A large chimney serves the front rooms.   The second story is reached through an enclosed stairs at the side of the house.   Throughout the building, and in the wing which stretches to the rear, the architectural detail is minimal.   The house is constructed mainly of cypress. 

(Narrative from a plaque at the A. K. Shaifer house)

First Shot Fired Marker

In this view taken in March 2004, you can see a marker stone showing the first shot fired in "The Battle of Port Gibson" , starting the battles to eventually terminate at the siege of Vicksburg. The A. K. Shaifer is on the rise behind this marker.

Old Plantation Road

In this view taken in March 2004 facing east, can be seen the old Plantation Road which is located just north of the A. K. Shaifer House.  This road was used by the Federals to quickly reinforce each wing of McClernands Division in the "Battle of Port Gibson."
Old Plantation Road

In this March 2004 view facing west is the Old Platation Road near the A. K. Shaifer House.
A. K. Shaifer House

Another view of the A. K. Shaifer House taken in March 2004.



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