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General Sweeney Museum I
A t "General Sweeny's Museum of Civil War History" and adjacent to "Wilson's Creek National Battlefield." The facility displays artifacts and weapons of the war in the Trans-Mississippi, more familiarly known as the area west of the Mississippi River.

The collection consists of several thousand artifacts that have been accumulated over the last 40 years. It is a unique collection, displayed in over 50 exquisite and professionally designed cases. They are the only, private museum in the United States that tells the story of the Civil War in the West.

The displays take you through the Civil War, beginning in Kansas during the 1850's. Here you can ride with John Brown, and his Kansas abolitionists, fighting the pro slavery border ruffians from Missouri. Several large displays tell the story of the battle of Wilson's Creek. View artifacts from this battle, along with weapons, a uniform, photographs of participants from both sides and two of the five "Congressional Medals of Honor" awarded for gallantry in this action.

Many rare and unusual artifacts also cover the war in Arkansas, the Indian Territory, and Louisiana. They will then take you into Tennessee, to the battle of Shiloh, and into Mississippi to the battles of Corinth and Vicksburg. Many lesser known battles in Missouri and Arkansas are also featured. You will march with General Sterling Price, and his Missourians, in a last effort to capture Missouri for the Confederacy. See John Bell Hood's debacle at Franklin, Tennessee, where Gen. Pat Cleburne, and thousands of other Confederate soldiers, needlessly fell. Then witness the final battle between Missourians at the battle of Ft. Blakely, Alabama, while Lee and Grant were signing the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse.

(The Narrative in this text was used from the museum Webpage and was slightly altered by myself to express my visit.)

(From The Monument)The Battle of Oak Hills-August 10, 1861--In Early August 1861, The Missouri State Guard under the command of Major General Sterling Price was camped along Wilson's Creek. Prepareing to march into Springfield, Mo., ten miles northeast of their encampment. Shortly after 5:00 a.m., they were attacked by Federal Forces under the command of Major General Nathaniel Lyon, who commenced firing on Price's army and Confederate forces under the command of Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch. For 5 hours, the Missouri State Guard assaulted the High Ground now known as "Bloody Hill",where Lyon was killed and federal forces had to withdraw back to Springfield, leaving the field of battle in the hands of the Guard and the Confederate Troops. More victories were to follow for the Guard

--The citizen soldiers of Missouri.

--Who wished only to be left alone and live in Peace



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