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Fort Snelling, Page V

Gunshed and Sutlers Store on the right.


Cannon in the gunshed.

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Gunshed facing north.


Cannon and carriage in the gunshed.

This building was used to store the post cannon or ordnance.  It is not know when the shed was built.  The earliest picture of the building is on an 1835 map.  At that time it housed three 6lb. Field pieces and a 24lb. Howitzer.  The cannons you see here are all replicas and were made in the 1970s. They are all field pieces-cannons which are easily towed across open ground and were used to support infantry formations.  In the right rear corner is a replica of a "Tillberg" carriage know to have been owned by Colonel Snelling and later sold to Major Taliferro the Indian Agent.
(Sign at the Gunshed)

Civil War Traveler
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