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Fort Snelling, Page IV


Inside main gate facing west with jailhouse on the left, with the round tower in the background and the powder magazine to the right.

Inside Magazine

Powder Magazine in front of the round tower.

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Inside Main Gate facing east with hospital on the left , shops on the right and the storehouse in the background.


School and well in front of powder magazine, which is to the right of this photo.

Head Qtrs, 5th Infantry
Jany 6th 1826
Regt Order No. 4


      The Men will be added to the Police guard to furnish one sentinel to a gate in the rear of the barracks and one whose post shall extend the whole front of the barracks. The duty of this latter will be to give the alarm if he discovers fire, to report all fighting or riot, all cases of candles being lit after hours, every instance of filth being thrown on the parade ground or men urinating in front of, or against the barracks…By Order of Col. Snelling


Headquarters, Fort Snelling

January 15th, 1826

 Post Order No. 11


            The sentinel at the gate will be instructed to prevent any person from taking Coal from the pile near the blacksmith shop........

By Order of Col. Snelling

(Signs found in the guardhouse)

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