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Final Battle Area near St. Francis River

This view is the Confederate final defensive position before the river.

By about mid-afternoon all the Confederates had moved back to the 3rd Defensive line above the hill next to river. The confederates formed a vee across the road at the hill and awaited the Union advance. At about 4 pm, Gen.McNeil and Gen. Vandever commited their whole division to the attack, instead of in piecemeal fashion. The final battle opened with the firing of both sides artillery, the artillery on the Arkansas side added to the Confederate batteries on the Missouri side of the river. For over two hours the combat was fierce as the two sides clashed until the Union troops withdrew around evening. The Union troops had thought that the Confederates were stuck in their position, so they built large campfires and were going to wait till morning to attack and destroy the Confederates.

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