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Crowley Ridge Military Road from Gravel Hill

This view is of the Crowley Ridge Military Road with the directions of north to the left of the road and the south to the right. The Confederates facing in this direction with the Union Advancing.

The rest of the Union division was in the rear on the roads to Four-Mile. At the Gravel hill position, Thompson's and Greene's Brigade's were moved to the higher ground with Collin's battery supporting them. Two miles from the gravel hill position at the Hill on the Missouri side above the river, Burbridge’s brigade started digging rifle pits. Colonel Carter moved to the rear of the Four Mile position early in the morning to the center position on the Gravel hill defensive line with Greene’s to the north of the road and Thompson’s on the south. The Union brigades had thought they had routed the Southerners and proceeded to move forward and attack the Confederates who were waiting at the Gravel Hill position.

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