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Crowley Ridge near Campbell, Missouri

In this view from the south side of Campbell, you can see Crowley Ridge in the distance from the eastern side. In the 1860's, the road
followed this ridgeline from near Cape Girardeau to Helena, Arkansas. The Crowley Ridge Military Road was built over an old indian trail
that followed the ridge. In the Civil War it was a major route into Arkansas, but was not as well used as other roads because it was
located just above a terrain that consited of swampland which resulted in the building of corduroy roads in some places along the route.
The second Confederate defensive position at Gravel Hill was located at about the area in the right side of the picture where you can see
a rise in the Ridge line, just to the left of the stop sign. The road in the forground is the highway that runs from St. Francis Arkansas to
Campbell, Missouri.

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