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Chalk Bluff Natural Area II

"Indecisive Victory"


Chalk Bluff in the Civil War
Skirmish of May 15, 1862

Chalk Bluff occupied a strategic position during the Civil War. Its Cliffs commanded a vital river crossing on the only major road from Missouri into the Crowley's Ridge country. Provisions were collected here and shipped downstream to Confederate forces.
At Daybreak on May 15, 1862, Union troops seized the ferry, crossed the river under fire, and captured the town and drove the Confederates into the woods.


This picture is of the general terrain: It does appear that it could have been a rifle pit. But alas, there are ravines all through Chalk Bluff Park and I could only guess.

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St. Francis River from the Arkansas side.







Another picture of terrain at the park. This one is taken from up on a higher area, The river is visible through the trees.

Four-Mile to Chalk Bluff

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