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Antietam National Battlefield VI


Six Brigadier and Major Generals were killed or mortally wounded during the Battle of Antietam
on September 17, 1862. Of the six fallen men, three were from the Union army and three were Confederates. The spot where each of the following six generals were killed is marked by a "Mortuary Cannon," a cannon tube, muzzle down in a block of stone.

Tour Stop 5 -  Philadelphia Brigade Monument at the entrance to the West Woods


Tour Stop 5 - Mortuary Monument of Brig. Gen. William E. Starke.

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Tour Stop 5 - 12-pounder Howitzer in West Woods, The Baltimore Battery (Confederate) fired from this spot into the Union forces in the cornfield. It included a 12-pounder iron howitzer (like the small gun before you), the only one of its kind among the 500 cannon at Antietam. (narrative courtesy of plaque at gun)



Between Tour Stop 6 & 7 - Artillery Line facing south, viewed facing west w/ NY Monument in rear near Visitors Center

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