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Antietam National Battlefield III

Tour Stop 1 - 10-Pounder Parrot Rifle, (This cast iron rifle with its band of wrought iron reinforcing the breach was a modern weapon of the day, it was effective at moderately long range. The 20-pounder, similar except for size, was the heaviest rifled cannon used at Antietam) (narrative courtesy of plaque at gun)


Tour Stop 1 - Maryland Monument near Dunker Church

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Tour Stop 1 - 3-inch Ordnance Rifle, (This was one of the most accurate weapons used here. It was preferred over the much heavier 10-pounder parrot which fired the same size ammunition.) (Narrative courtesy of plaque at gun)



Tour Stop 2 - 3RD Regiment PA Reserve Corps, 32nd Vol. INF. Monument, Facing NE, North of Cornfield in North Woods

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