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Antietam National Battlefield X

"Not for themselves
but for their country"

September 17th, 1862


Tour Stop 11 -  Antietam National Cemetery Entrance





Tour Stop 11 - Plaque Reads
"Rest on Embalmed and Sainted Dead
 Dear as the Blood Ye Gave
 No Impious footstep Here Shall Tread
 The Herbage of Your Grave"

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Tour Stop 11 - Antietam National Cemetery Graves


Tour Stop 11 - The Private Soldier Monument is a granite statue at the center of the cemetery. It stands at 44 feet-7 inches and weighs 250 tons, and is made up of 27 pieces. The soldier depicts a Union infantryman facing homeward to the north. Just the soldier is 21 feet tall and weighs about 30 tons

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