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Civil War Traveler



This Site is dedicated to the inumerable Battles and Battlefields of the American Civil War. The war that lasted from April 1861 to April 1865. It was a tragic chapter in our history and hopefully not to be repeated.
     While you visit my site and if you have the time to visit the places try to remember that these fields, homes, and towns are valuable to the history and culture of our society.  Please treat these sites with respect when visiting them. Our forefathers gave their lives to protect this,  "HALLOWED GROUND".

The A. K Shaifer House at Port Gibson, Mississippi

After many failed attempts of breaching the defenses of Vicksburg, U. S. Grant, finally grabbed a foothold near Vicksburg by landing troops on the shore at Bruinsburg, MS. on the 30th of April, 1863.  At around 12 am on the first of May, 1863 the first shots of the eventual surrender of Vicksburg took place near this house, as advanced pickets of the 21st Iowa from General John McClernands Division marched up the Rodney Road and fired on the Confederate pickets of General Martin E. Green to open the Battle of Port Gibson.






     This site is intended as an educational site and is considered a not for profit site written by Loren Drummond. all content are the information gathered from various sources, including books, plaques and the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion.
     Please feel free to e-mail me to correct any information, you may find as incorrect, as this site is contantly under construction.


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